Monday, May 02, 2005


lines reverberate approaching the runway
lines pick free
lines are bored into extremity
lines speak of a modern remake
they are exhausted by regular features
lines talk bad

lines live not for hobbyists
lines look at serious crime
lines bring to the point
lines wind around corners
they lose it right here
lines sit hard by

lines revive what we are
lines are conflicted and nasty
lines loiter on the board
lines are addictive graphics
they are not always reliable
lines fill with complete disgrace

lines swim in it
lines fill to full
lines rush into disturbed areas
lines volley accusations
they pace about
lines make selves available

lines remember
lines bore
lines fear
lines die
they wait
lines spread out a long distance

lines put on company
lines clutch the forbidden
lines connect with the moving business
lines arrive
they require intimate journeys
lines decay with stuff

lines are touched
lines run softly in a collection
lines can be easy
lines grope for a tangent
they sigh to each other
lines provide uninterrupted service


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