Tuesday, May 17, 2005

not the facts

data ignited its lagoon, flowers burnishing the delay
as if it’s never simple as this

fear arrived - don’t doubt the price
this is exact, ruins under scarlet & an efficient fist

when the smoothest languages will be carried out
which will be a garden?

too much is delayed to recover ours
& sequences?

this whole sensitivity was lost in the surface
in the shovel of pleasure

rage forms roofs, to persecute, decree models that sweat
& the wall, my winter

the morning was a time of patience, of my colours
the losses, only inclinations

to kiss them and not drink them, with intention
broad with the hour, calm, to be

is mine the fear, when the day goes external
part of the square

feeding material, packing and spillages of strength
in the tide

trees align avenues that wake up wide with distance
a taste draining detail

as if in a dream, a legend fainting amongst facts
or preferring duration


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