Sunday, December 12, 2004

bye bye VP

Because things got a little blurry over the last six weeks or so, I've missed a bit.

Sad to hear Tom is shutting up shop at vanishing point. I'd grown to like the squirrels.

points and skies
are relative blue

sky and earth

It has been hard to post of late. Everything seems difficult. I'm not sure if it is the weather - which has been pretty hot here on-and-off - or the 'silly season' or some kind of post-election lassitude (OK, the election was in October, but nothing that has happened since, including the US elections, has improved the view).

Wondering where and how to go on. Is there too much stuff? Also, my head hurts.

I've been thinking about the word 'marginal'. 'Pertaining to an edge, border, or boundary.' is on definition the good old New Shorter Oxford gives. There's also 'minor importance', 'having little effect', 'partly belonging', 'barely worth developing'. Also, 'a feather on the edge of a bird's wing'. And, of course, there's the margins of a page.

Perhaps I was feeling as if what I'm doing is barely worth developing - it's a fair point, there's a lot going on, who need's more. But perhaps better to feel like the feather at the edge of a bird's wing. Rather fly, looking skyward, and let the air run past. Or play around the page. You see, skybright doesn't want to moan or worry about the centre. Stuff goes on everywhere. Go stuff!

I know people ask 'why do you blog?'. For me, working at the margins (see any definition above), is part of a freedom (realising 'freedom' is a debatable concept) to allow the marginal work a space. A blog is a social space. Something might happen. It's obviously an ego thing (to quote that very 70s band, Skyhooks, ego is not a dirty word). I'd be a bit limp without my ego.

Skybright is looking for a bit more earth to stumble around on.